The Top Organic Search Traffic Websites

If you work in digital marketing, organic search traffic is one of the main channels that you look to exploit so that people and businesses can find your website. Unlike paid ads shown in search engines like Google and Bing, organic traffic is supposed to be a "natural" way that you can be found in search. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major aspect of digital marketing, since the entire world can find you through search engines if you only provide them interesting, informative content that answers their questions. If only it was that easy.

Wikipedia's Domination of Organic Search

The numbers in this chart were compiled through SEMrush, so they are by no means perfect, but they give us a good estimation of the top websites and the amount of traffic they accumulate through search. Throughout this bar chart race, there is one clear winner. Wikipedia is by far the most clicked on website in search results. Why? They simply answer the most questions. There are over 6 million articles in English (which gathers the majority of their traffic) and those articles answer questions about practically every subject that you can think of.

And this is the crux of organic search...answer the searcher's question and the search engine will reward your website with a higher rank. Obviously, there are many other variables that go into ranking, such as the number of other websites that link to yours. However, content is king. In the end, search engines need to show content that matches what a user is looking for or they will go elsewhere.

YouTube's Traffic Growth

At the beginning of this chart, YouTube is one of the largest websites in the world and gets almost 10 billion pageviews a month. But by the end of the decade, YouTube is even threatening Wikipedia for the top spot and has 70 billion pageviews a month. Want to learn guitar? YouTube tutorials. Want to learn DIY? YouTube. Wikipedia is where you go for the What and Why. YouTube has grown because it dominates in answering HOW to do something.