How to create an animated bar chart race

Using an animated bar chart race is a perfect way to grab the attention of your audience. Building an animated bar chart race with Moving Charts makes is simple to create an animated bar chart race video to use anywhere you want.

My Charts screenshot to show how to upload a file
After uploading a file, it appears on your My Charts page.
create a chart screenshot to show default chart settings
Your animated bar chart is automatically created with default settings.
My Charts screenshot after a chart is saved
After saving your chart, it will show on your My Charts page under the .csv file used to create it.
Animated chart screenshot to show download button after chart is saved
After saving the animated bar chart, you will have the option to download the chart video.
E-commerce checkout screenshot
Before downloading your video, you will need to checkout and pay.

You need to have a registered account to get started. If you already have one, you simply need to click on My Charts in the main menu to upload your data.

My Animated Bar Chart Races

Your data needs to be in the .csv format to be read. A simple 3 column structure is all you need to create in your document: one column for the Name, one column for the Value, and one column for the Date. The only thing you need to be careful about is putting the date in the correct format. You can put the date in year (YYYY), month (YYYY-MM), or day (YYYY-MM-DD) formats.

Create an Animated Bar Chart Race

Once you have uploaded your file, it will be stored on your My Charts page. From there, it's a simple click on the Create Chart button to see how your animated chart looks. Certain fields are pre-populated based on the data in your file. For example, if you only used the YYYY format for your dates, we assume that you'll want to see your chart animate over years, not months or days.

As you can see in the Create Chart screenshot, you can adjust other settings in your chart. The default number of bars for a new chart is 10, but you can set that value from 2 all the way up to 20 bars. Another setting you can change is the speed of the animation. By default, it will be set to medium, which will take 1.5 seconds between each change in date (for example going from the year 2000 to 2001 or going from March 2011 to April 2011). If you want to change that setting to Fast, it will be 1 second between dates. Slow is 2 seconds between dates. You can often tell just by trying the different settings which one feels right. It really depends on the type of chart you're making.

Once you have your chart the way you like it, click on Save Chart and it will save the chart back to your My Charts page. You can see in the screenshot that the chart is saved under the .csv file used to create it. This allows you to create multiple charts with the same .csv file. Once the chart is saved, you can edit it at any time from your My Charts page.

Download Your Animated Bar Chart Race Video

Generating the video for your animated bar chart race video is based on the current settings from your chart page. Once you decide to get your video, you can either click Download from your My Charts page or click on Download Chart after you've saved your chart.

Your video is essentially a product, so you will need to checkout and pay $5 to download it. We accept payment from PayPal or any credit card.