Largest Crops in England by Area

The six crops in this animated bar chart make up almost 25% of the total land in England. The prices of some crops can vary by a significant amount, which of course affects the amount that is planted. Other crops, such as sugar beet, are highly subsidised, so the price and amount planted stays relatively constant.

Rapeseed Crops Increasing

If you have driven through the English countryside in the summer, you will probably have noticed bright yellow fields dotting the land. These are rapeseed fields which are harvested for their oil. These are set to decrease in the next year, according to Farmers Weekly. In this chart, you can see how much the rapeseed harvest can vary from year to year.

Sugar Beet Crops Decreasing

Sugar beets are harvested in England entirely for sugar production and are heavily subsidised by the UK government. For this reason, the crop size has been relatively constant over time. But as you can see by the animated bar chart, they have slowly been decreasing in area in recent years. The only reason for this must be that there are more profitable crops that can be planted in their place, despite the safe returns given for sugar beets.